Prof. Naoyuki Taniguchi RIKEN ASI, Japan

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Professor Naoyuki Taniguchi graduated from the Hokkaido University School of Medicine where he obtained his MD in 1967, his PhD in 1972 and was appointed Assistant Professor in 1975. In 1976 he joined the laboratory of Dr. Alton Meister at Cornell University Medical College, New York as a visiting Associate... read moreProfessor. He returned to the Hokkaido University as an Associate Professor in Graduate School of Environmental Science in 1977 and later moved to Biochemistry Laboratory Cancer Institute in 1980 where he started his career in glycobiology. He was appointed a Professor and Chair in the Department of Biochemistry at Osaka University Medical School in 1986 where he served for 20 years until his retirement. After his retirement, he continued his career as an endowed chair Professor as well as Professor Emeritus in the same university while he launched Systems Glycobiology Research Group at RIKEN in 2007. In recent years, he focuses on glycan functions in diseases.