Dr. David Stout University of California, Los Angeles, USA

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David Stout's research interests are in developing the tools, procedures and techniques necessary to conduct molecular imaging research using optical, PET, CT and autoradiography systems. These include chambers for keeping the subjects warm, anesthetized, in a reproducible position and for imaging in multiple systems. The design of preclinical imaging centers... read moreis another area of interest and expertise. Dr. Stout has designed the new imaging center in the California Nanosystems Institute that annually conducts over 10,000 experiments for over 40 faculty members. Dr. Stout teaches molecular imaging courses to train new investigators in how to design, conduct and analyze data from these experiments. With a background in radiochemistry production of imaging probes, PhD research involving quantitative measurements using PET and over 20 years experience in the UCLA Molecular and Medical Pharmacology Department, Dr. Stout enjoys helping investigators design their experiments, obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and figure out how to get the best possible experimental results.