What is marketing promotion?

Published on August 31, 2023   9 min
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Hello and welcome to this session on marketing promotion. My name is Annmarie Hanlon, and I teach Marketing at Cranfield University's School of Management in the UK. Some of these themes are taken from my book, Digital Marketing. Let's get started.
In this session we start by examining the DRIP model and then we look at key elements in traditional marketing promotion, finally we consider the digital marketing toolbox.
Marketing promotion is a form of marketing communications. It is about differentiating a product or service. For example, this can involve positioning a brand and making a product or service stand out in the category as the fastest, cheapest, best item in that sector. It is about reinforcing a brand's message or reminding stake holders to strengthen previous messages and experiences. For example, this means demonstrating or explaining why your product is different, superior, cheaper or easier to use. It is about informing or making people aware of a brand. For example, this may be to make stake holders aware and advise of availability and features. If it's a totally new to the market product this may also be to educate the market and it's about persuading audiences to behave in particular ways. For example, this could be to visit a website, read about a new product, share with a friend or request a trial. This is known as the DRIP model.