Research methodology and design

Published on January 31, 2023   9 min

Other Talks in the Series: Key Concepts - Academic Research Methodologies in Business

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Hello, my name is Dr. Christina Quinlan and I work at The Graduate Business School at the Technological University of Dublin. In this short talk today, I'm going to talk to you about research methodology and design.
Research methodology and design, in this section of the research project, in the written account of the research project, this is how and where you explain how you actually carried out your study. Experts in research methodologies, for example examiners will expect to see this laid out in a fairly formulaic manner. Each student or each researcher will present their research, their research proposal in more or less exactly the same way but each project and each proposal will be unique. Each project's or each proposal's uniqueness lies in the idea for the research project and in the research methodology developed for the project.
The four frameworks approach to the research project is very helpful. The first framework is the conceptual framework, and this is contained in the one sentence that starts the research project. That's the research statement or the research question. It contains all of the key concepts in the research project. The second framework, the theoretical framework, is the literature review, or we say sometimes that it is contained in the literature review. The third framework is the methodological framework. The methodological framework for the research project contains all of the information on how the research was actually carried out. If you invert the model, if you turn the model upside down, you can see how the conceptual framework supports the other three frameworks in the research project. We'll talk about the analytical framework in a later talk.