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Real-time service: Marriott M Live

Published on August 30, 2022 Originally recorded 2022   4 min
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What's becoming evident is that we need real-time service in order to co-create value at the time that people need them. This is what I call nowness. Nowness, at this particular moment, becomes a critical element for competitive advantage. This includes the location-based services, mentions, hashtags, sentiment analysis, trending topics, keyword tracking, and competitors. When we understand all of those things dynamically, we're in a position to provide the right service to the right customer at the right time, aimed to create the right value for everybody who's in this ecosystem.
Real-time can be triggered by several events. Some of these events are breaking news or unexpected events. We are facing COVID right now, and that's the biggest event ever that has influenced the tourism industry. Or some of the events are things that are happening frequently, like Easter, Christmas and Diwali, all of those things that are on the calendar of different kinds of cultures in different locations. When we bring all of those things together in nowness, we create real-time service enablers, which are then creating value, and then we support the value for different stakeholders as we are operating the system. The principle is that we've got a very comprehensive network that is bringing all the different players and stakeholders together to maximise the value for themselves.
One of the best case studies of nowness is what Marriott Hotels has done with the M Live studios. They've got five studios around the world so that they can operate 24/7. What they do is they monitor, at their fence, their locations and and they monitor everything that's happening. This is an award-winning initiative that is bringing Marriott's marketing up to a very high level, and it is engaging different people in constant conversation with the Marriott Corporation where a lot of things are happening and a lot of things are monitored simultaneously. Marriott Hotels understand what the context is in different places and how can they interact with consumers when the consumers are actually tagging them on Twitter or tagging them on Facebook or on some of the other social media. It's when the consumer would like to to have a conversation with an organisation on the network, on the platform, that they're currently having different conversations. It becomes quite challenging for different organisations to monitor all of those things and reply in real-time. Imagine that you have sent a message to Marriot and you would like them to reply very soon from wherever you are around the world. This is exactly what Marriott is doing, and it's doing it very, very well.