Digital banking and banking-as-a-platform

Published on September 28, 2017   29 min
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Hello, This lecture is on digital banking and banking as a platform, part of the Fintech series. My name is Will Beeson. I'm Head of Operations and Innovation at CivilisedBank.
I have financial services experience in the U.S, Continental Europe and the U.K. across traditional finance, investments and corporate advisory, working predominantly with startups and SMEs. Prior to joining CivilisedBank, I worked at a legacy consumer lending company in Italy, where I was involved in a broad based systems and personnel overhaul as part of a strategic restructuring. In that exercise, we effectively converted a consumer lending company into a lean automated debt administration platform to support alternative lending. I'm actively involved in the London Fintech community as a writer, speaker, mentor and advisor. In my role at CivilisedBank, I'm responsible for operational execution and designing the long-term development strategy for the bank's offering in a dynamic and rapidly developing banking industry landscape. And it's that last point, that I think makes me a relevant lecturer today given the topic at hand. Banking and financial services, arguably, banking more than anything, is going through quite the transformation as a result of regulatory, legislative, and technological changes.
There are four main points that we'll work through today. We can think of them as guiding principles. This is a bit of an outline for the material that we'll cover. Firstly, what is the opportunity around digital banking and banking as a platform and why does it exist? What are the factors driving changes to banking business models? What are the observable results? Who's doing what? What's actually happening right now? And lastly, what might banking look like in 10 years?