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Structuring big data

Published on April 30, 2017   25 min
Hello, my name is Gary Templeton. I'm an Associate Professor in Business Information Systems at Mississippi State University. This discussion is about Structuring Big Data. It is about downloading archival data or whatever type of data you have and looking into the data to see its characteristics, to see if it is going to be a hindrance in your analysis.
It's important to note that the goal of any research project is to gain knowledge and to contribute to the existing body of knowledge. And to do that, you have to have valid measures as well as you have to be able to repeat your analysis and repeat your findings in subsequent settings or subsequent samples. It is a typical quality control problem. So whereas in the world, we have variation, we are trying to reduce variation and associations. It is my hope that after watching this video, you will be able to enhance the creation of knowledge in your projects.