Tourism Marketing

Launched August 2015 Updated January 2016 7 lectures
Mr. Rob Baldry
Seabrook Marketing Ltd, UK

The Tourism Industry is worth billions of dollars worldwide, being a significant contributor to GDP of almost every nation. Many nations are heavily reliant on tourism as their main source of revenue.... read more

Tourism organisations are diverse, ranging from large Destination Management Organisations with multi-million pound marketing budgets, to small experience and accommodation operators, often seasonal in nature and sometimes run as secondary income streams (eg farm holiday accommodation).

But the principles of reaching the target audience, especially in a digital age that levels the playing field for all scales of operators, remain similar.

This series will examine how tourism businesses, large and small, can address the marketing principles, encompass best practice across the industry and deliver exceptional tourism experiences.

It will identify key practical points that operators can take on board to improve their businesses and look at emerging trends to help the industry get and remain up to date with the changes in communications trends.

The aim of this series of talks is to inform, educate and challenge the viewer/listener on some of the issues facing tourism marketing today.