Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector MarketingHow to use communication effectively to connect with supporters

Launched September 2009 10 lectures
Prof. Walter Wymer
University of Lethbridge, Canada

The nonprofit sector has been growing substantially in many countries for years. It includes voluntary, nongovernmental, as well as other nonbusiness organizations. Nonprofit organizations increase civic participation in society, critical in a functioning democracy. Many nonprofit organizations also provide social services to citizens. They serve as a way for citizens... read moreto organize, helping grassroots social movements to further their causes.

To accomplish their missions, to operate effectively, and to attract support, nonprofit organizations use marketing tactics. Nonprofit marketers communicate the uniqueness of their organizations to supporters (branding). They strive to interest the media in covering worthy activities of their organizations (public relations). Nonprofit marketers also have to attract resources to their organizations, such as recruiting and retaining volunteers and fundraising. Effective managers must also understand how to use information technologies as communication vehicles to connect with supporters.

The aim of this series is to present the latest thinking on these important nonprofit marketing topics. Top experts on various nonprofit marketing subjects will present recent developments and give insights into the best marketing practices.

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