Workplace Wellbeing

Launched November 2023 Updated February 2024 6 lectures More in production
Ms. Rowena Hennigan
Lecturer and Corporate Trainer, TU Dublin, Ireland

Human beings are an organisation's most important asset, often known as "human capital".
Whether in an office, retail, manufacturing or other professional setting, the occupational
health and general wellbeing of its workforce is a primary concern of all businesses. The
elements of human wellbeing are complex, including... read moreinfluences from physical, to
environmental, to intellectual factors. Moreover, wellbeing can be subjective, with some
people describing wellbeing in terms of issues such as welfare, safety, and prosperity, while
others highlight employees’ mental health. With this in mind, and with the growing
automation and technological innovation of work, how can we measure and enhance the
wellbeing of often dispersed and remote workforces?

This series will take a deep dive into the modern workplace, and the wellbeing needs,
values, and interventions available to employees, using real-life examples from multiple
companies and industries. Focusing on office and knowledge work, the talks will cover the
role of managers in nurturing employees’ wellbeing, staff welfare in virtual environments,
the roles of connections and teams in wellbeing, the impact of change and uncertainty on
wellbeing, physical health, and the overlap between diversity and wellbeing in the