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Applied Marketing Analytics: The Peer-Reviewed Journal

First Published October 2014 Latest Issue March 2022

Applied Marketing Analytics is the major professional journal publishing in-depth, peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of measuring and analysing marketing performance to improve its effectiveness.... read more

Guided by its expert Editorial Board, each quarterly 100-page issue – appearing both in print and online – publishes detailed, practical articles written by and for marketing analytics professionals on innovative thinking, strategies, techniques, software and applied research. High-quality articles and case studies demonstrate how major brands are collecting, interpreting and analysing marketing data across the full-range of digital and non-digital channels. Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives more accurately and how to identify gaps in your marketing analytics program and what metrics support sound marketing decision making – and add to the bottom line.

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Featured Articles

Malin, Denis
Diorio, Stephen; Hummel, Chris; Rogers, Bruce
Bertozzi, Giacomo; Bagheri, Saeed R.; Graham, Brett; Knowles, Peter; Netzer, Oded; Pauwels, Koen

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