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Volume 5 / Number 3 / Winter 2016-17 - Journal of Brand Strategy

First Published March 2012 Latest Issue March 2024

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Subjects covered include: brand strategy; brand management’ online branding; brand positioning; brand architecture and portfolio management; brand assessment; measuring brand equity and value; branding and social media; brand design; sports branding and marketing; new product development; branding communications; brand re-launches and revitalisation; employee engagement; reputation and crisis management; brand law and regulation; brand licensing.

Volume 5 / Number 3 / Winter 2016-17


Morrison, Gwen

Practice papers

Greene, Lucie
Gutfreund, Jamie
Kraemer, Zachary
Tysh, Carly
Bird, Jon
Gertz, Oliver; Mcglashan, Deirdre
Lennox, Alasdair; Shields, Aaron; Guilar, Piers
Larsen, Mikkel Christian
Castelo, Marcelo
Marcotte, David; Morrison, Gwen
Gildenberg, Bryan
Greenhalgh, Tim
Stel, Jon