Dr. Elga de Vries VU Medical Centre, The Netherlands

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Professor Dr. Elga de Vries received her PhD in 1995 in the field of Pharmacology, focused on the identification of altered function of the cerebral vasculature in disease state in order to find novel ways to deliver drugs into the central nervous system. After her PhD, she became Marie Curie... read morepost-doctoral research fellow at University College London, United Kingdom, studying signaling events in brain endothelial cells under inflammatory conditions. In 2011, she became a full professor of Neuro-immunology at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology at the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She now heads the Neuro-immunology research group as a Principle Investigator and her research is focused on understanding how alterations of the blood-brain barrier and glia cells underlie neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions as seen in multiple sclerosis in order to find novel ways to counteract these detrimental processes.