Prof. Jean-Michel Scherrmann Paris Descartes University, France

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Jean-Michel Scherrmann, PharmD, PhD, FAAPS, is Emeritus Professor in Pharmacokinetics, Faculty of Pharmacy at Paris Descartes University. He made major contributions to the development of drug radioimmunoassay, immunotoxicotherapy, drug redistribution concept and drug transport. His research is now related to neuropharmacokinetics and drug delivery strategies to the brain. His work... read morehas resulted in more than 300 scientific articles and 250 invited presentations. He was the recipient of the 1992 American Academy of Clinical Toxicology Award, the 1999 French National Academy of Medicine Achievement Award and the James R.Gilette Award from the American Society of Pharmacological and Experimental Therapeutics in 2005. He is an AAPS Fellow and member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy. He was Visiting Professor of Tohoku University (Japan) in 2008 and became an Honoured Member of the French Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Group in 2014. He received the Gerhard Levy Distinguished Lecture Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2017.