Prof. Karolin Luger Colorado State University, USA

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Karolin Luger received her PhD in Biochemistry from the Biocenter (University of Basel), and then proceeded to do a postdoc with Dr. Tim Richmond at the Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich where the structure of the nucleosome core particle was determined first at 2.8, then at 1.9 Angstrom resolution. Dr.... read moreLuger started her own laboratory at Colorado State University in Fort Collins in 1999, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2003. In 2005, she was named an HHMI investigator. Dr. Luger's lab focuses on elucidating the structure and dynamics of nucleosomes, and aims at understanding how the nucleosomes interface with the transcription machinery. To this end, the lab group are using X-ray crystallography, fluorescence techniques, analytical ultracentrifugation and standard techniques in molecular biology.