Dr. Dmitry Samarsky Dharmacon Inc., USA

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Dr. Dmitry Samarsky received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, focusing on theoretical aspects and practical applications, including ribozymes of small RNAs. Dr. Samarsky performed postdoctoral work with Dr. Michael Green at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. During postdoctoral training he was awarded a three-year H. Arthur... read moreSmith Fellowship for Cancer Research. In 2001, Dr. Samarsky joined Sequitur, Inc. with the role of developing and promoting the company's antisense and RNAi technological platforms. In 2003 he joined Invitrogen, formulating partnership models and providing BioDiscovery platform solutions in drug discovery. In 2005 he joined Dharmacon Inc., where he supports and expedites technology development for the company's RNAi platform. Dr. Samarsky has published widely, including research articles, reviews, book chapters and patent applications.