Dr. Shaukat Ali Ascendia Pharmaceuticals, USA

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Dr. Shaukat Ali is Sr. Director of Scientific Affairs and Technical Marketing at Ascendia Pharma as, with three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has held several key roles in the industry with increasing responsibilities in the areas of synthesis, formulations and drug development. His expertise in the... read moreexcipients and innovative solubilization technologies including amorphous solid dispersions, lipid based self-emulsifying drug delivery systems and lipid and polymeric nanoparticles for orals, and liposomes for parenteral delivery has led to development, and marketing of a many poorly soluble drug molecules. Dr. Ali has worked as the technical expert with a number of biopharma, ethical and generic pharma companies over the years and has helped the scientists working with innovative molecules in early phase preclinical and clinical developments of molecules across all modalities.

Dr. Ali received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the City University of New York, NY, and carried out his postdoctoral work at the University of Minnesota and Cornell University. Dr. Ali served as a member of the editorial advisory board of American Pharma Review, Drug Development and Delivery, Contract Pharma, Biopharma Asia among others, and also serving as the Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Analytical and Pharmaceutical Research. Dr. Ali is also a member of USP Council of Expert for Excipient Test Methods committee. Dr. Ali is the recipient of IPEC Foundation’s 2020 Henk de Jong industrial research award for his contributions to formulations and excipient technologies. He has published over 60 articles in scientific journals and an inventor of several US and European patents. Dr. Ali is also an AAPS Fellow.