Prof. Christopher Dobson University of Cambridge, UK

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Christopher Dobson received his doctorate from the University of Oxford in 1976, having worked on the application of NMR spectroscopy as a means of definining the structures and dynamic of proteins in solution. After a short period as a Research fellow he moved to Harvard University as an Assistant Professor... read moreof Chemistry. In 1980 he returned to Oxford first as a Lecturer and later as Professor and Director of the Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences. In 2001 he moved to Cambridge University as John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Chemical and Structural Biology. In 2012 he founded the Cambridge Centre for Misfolding Diseases and in 2016 he co-founded Wren Therapeutics, a company specialising in drug discovery and development for such diseases. He devoted his life to explaining the chemical processes that disrupt the production of health proteins and instead trigger their aggregation into toxic clumps. He sadly passed away in September 2019 from pancreatic cancer.