Prof. Peter Cullen University of Bristol, UK

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After completing his PhD in 1991 with Professor Alan Dawson (University of East Anglia), studying the role of inositol phosphates in Calcium homeostasis, Peter Cullen moved as a Beit Memorial Research Fellow to the laboratory of Professor Robin Irvine, FRS (The Babraham Institute). Here he purified, cloned and characterized the... read moreRas GTPase-activating protein GAP1IP4BP as a potential receptor for inositol 1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate. In January 1996, he established his own laboratory in Bristol, initially as a Lister Institute Research Fellow, being made full Professor in 2002. His group has a broad interest in the relationship between membrane trafficking and cell signaling, including the role played by inositol-containing second messengers.