Mr. John O'Duinn Strategist and Author, CivicActions, USA

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John O’Duinn is a senior technologist and entrepreneur who has worked in distributed companies of one form or another for 31 years, led distributed teams for 16 years, run workshops, and mentored distributed teams for 9 years. His book “Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically... read moreApart” was first published in 2018, with a fully updated second edition published in January 2021. John recently joined the U.S. General Services Administration as a Senior Advisor helping with various “Future of Work” initiatives, including the U.S. President's Management Agenda. This is John’s second time in public service - the first time was in the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House, as a computer systems engineer working on a range of technical projects. John helped the State of Vermont write their 2018 "Remote Worker" law, encouraging remote work to promote economic growth, and the State of California to revise its 2021 Telework Policy. John is a frequent international speaker and consults on the wider diversity, environmental, urban planning, and community renewal benefits of distributed organizations.