Prof. Albert van Schoor University of Pretoria, South Africa

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Professor Albert-Neels van Schoor is a professor of anatomy at the University of Pretoria and a C2 rated researcher (according to the National Research Foundation, South Africa). After graduating and completing his Honours degree in Neuroanatomy (Cum Laude), he accepted a position in the Department of Anatomy in April 2003.... read moreIt was during his time as a technical assistant and lecturer that he completed both his MSc Anatomy (2004) (Cum Laude) and PhD (2010).

His research focus has always been the clinical anatomy of regional nerve blocks, especially in a paediatric population, and examining the position of these nerves to avoid iatrogenic injury during surgical procedures. He is also involved with the study of neuroscience and brain development, as well as other facets of anaesthesiology – particularly venous access for catheter placement in both adults and children. In recent times – as the technology and availability of more advanced or specialised imaging modalities increased, his research has started to include these imaging modalities, in particular the use of ultrasound-guided clinical procedures. To date, he has published over 45 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals and successfully supervised seven (7) PhD and fourteen (14) MSc students.

Prof. van Schoor is serving in his second term as President of the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa is also a founding member of the Global Community of Anatomical Science Educators (GCASE) which evolved out of a Scholarly Interest Group for Anatomical Sciences (ASSIG). He is also the co-author for both the 7th and 8th editions of the Abrahams and McMinn’s Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy, published in 2013 and 2019, respectively.