Dr. Charlene M. C. Rodrigues University of Oxford, UK

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Dr. Rodrigues is a clinical academic, with her research in microbial genomics based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and University of Oxford. Dr. Rodrigues works as a paediatric consultant specialising in infectious diseases at St Mary's Hospital, London.... read more

Dr. Rodrigues graduated from medical school (Leicester University, UK) and subsequently trained as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow (Imperial College London, UK). She completed Paediatric Infectious Diseases/Immunology GRID training (Newcastle, UK) with Microbiology (London, UK). Dr. Rodrigues completed a Wellcome Trust funded DPhil in genomic epidemiology (University of Oxford, UK), studying meningococcal vaccine antigens.

Dr. Rodrigues research focuses on the genomic epidemiology of childhood infections, with the aim of improving disease prevention and clinical management. Using an integrated approach, she applies the principles of genomic epidemiology to specific clinical questions that face paediatricians and microbiologists daily, ranging from individual to public health and addressed through collaborative working with multiple disciplines. Dr. Rodrigues’ research interests are in applications of microbial genomics in the clinical and public health setting to inform preventative and therapeutic measures.