Prof. Chengqi Yi Peking University, China

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Chengqi Yi is a Professor of Biochemistry in the School of Life Sciences at Peking University and an Investigator at the Peking-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences. At a broad level Chengqi's research interests focus on RNA and DNA modifications. More specifically, his recent work has focused on two areas. First,... read moreunderstanding RNA modification-mediated gene expression regulation and applying such epitranscriptomic knowledge to the development of next generation RNA medicine. Second, developing novel technologies for epigenomic profiling and genome editing and applying these tools to disease diagnosis and treatment. Chengqi obtained his BS in Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China in 2005 and then obtained a PhD in the Chemical Biology from The University of Chicago in 2010. He completed his postdoctoral studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at The University of Chicago in 2011. He serves as the Vice Director of the State Key Laboratory of Protein and Plant Gene Research.