Prof. Thomas R. Gest University of Houston College of Medicine, USA

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Dr. Thomas Gest is a Professor of Anatomy and Embryology at University of Houston College of Medicine. Dr. Gest currently teaches anatomy and embryology within a clinical scheme-based integrated curriculum. Dr. Gest has served as a member of the Federative International Programme for Anatomical Terminology since 2012. Currently, he serves... read moreas the Coordinator of the Gross and Clinical Anatomy Working Group of FIPAT, which recently released the second edition of Terminologia Anatomica, the first revision of anatomical terminology in over two decades. Dr. Gest serves as Co-editor for the journal Clinical Anatomy, and served as Treasurer of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists until recently becoming President of the AACA. Dr. Gest also serves as the Treasurer of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists. Dr. Gest is a dedicated teacher who has received nine teaching awards and has published seven textbooks of anatomy, as well as numerous articles, abstracts, software packages, and web sites for anatomy and embryology.