Dr. Hadi Chapardar MacEwan University, Canada

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Dr. Hadi Chapardar is an Assistant Professor at MacEwan University’s School of Business, specialized in strategy and sustainability. Being trained in Ivey Business School’s well-established case-based teaching tradition, Hadi is a frequent user and developer of teaching cases. In addition to teaching-oriented cases, Hadi also uses case study methodology in... read morehis scholarly research. Hadi’s research is primarily phenomenon-driven, where he uses inductive single- and multiple-case methods to tackles real-world challenges. His research addresses subjects such as sustainability tensions, circular economy, and in general, interactions between business and its external environment. In a world characterized by complexity, ambiguity, interpretability, and uncertainty, Hadi aims to align his research and teaching to help prepare managers for a sustainable future, and he has found case method to be a promising approach to this end.