Dr. Yohei Yamauchi The University of Bristol, UK

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Yohei Yamauchi became fascinated by viral escape mechanisms of host immunity early on during his studies at Nagoya University Medical School, where he initiated his research into virus-host interactions at the Department of Virology. After 2 years of clinical residency, he acquired his PhD in Molecular Virology from Nagoya University... read moreGraduate School of Medicine in 2008. That same year, Dr Yamauchi joined ETH Zurich in Switzerland to take his research further, investigating the cell biology of influenza viral entry. His work in Zurich identified important host cell factors for viral entry, particularly with respect to viral uncoating mechanisms. Dr Yamauchi then joined the University of Bristol as an Associate Professor in 2016 focusing on viral cell biology. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Yamauchi began work on SARS-CoV-2, whilst maintaining his investigative focus on understanding the cell biology and mechanisms of virus host-cell entry.