Dr. Mona Schreiber IPK, Gatersleben, Germany

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After studying evolutionary anthropology, Dr. Schreiber did their doctorate at the IPK in Gatersleben on the cultural history of cereals. As an anthropologist Dr. Schreiber is interested in the overall process of evolution, human history in particular. So far, the focus has been on the Neolithic transition and the beginning... read moreof agriculture. Thereby, bioinformatics and population genomics serve as powerful tools to complement knowledge of other disciplines and thus contribute to a better overall picture. In addition to Dr. Schreiber’s research, art and science communication are of great importance to them and their graphics and illustrations became an elemental part of their work. In order to expand their understanding of the basic principles of plant evolution, Dr. Schreiber is currently working as a PostDoc at the University of Marburg.