Prof. Carlo Riccardi University of Perugia, Italy

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Professor Carlo Riccardi is the director of the Department of Medicine, and is a full professor of Pharmacology at the Perugia University Medical School. At the beginning of his career, he studied the natural immune response by giving proof of in vivo activity and role of Natural Killer (NK) cells... read moreas well of the potential immunotherapeutic efficacy of in vivo NK cells transfer against tumors. Moreover, he pioneered the studies on NK cells in vitro and in vivo development, starting from the bone marrow precursors. Thereafter, he has started a new line of research that deals with the molecular mechanisms underlying the activity of Glucocorticoids (GC), which represents an important class of drugs essential in the pharmacological therapy of autoimmune/inflammatory and degenerative diseases, transplants and tumors.

Prof. Riccardi is author of more than 300 publications including articles in peer reviewed international journals and scientific books. He participated in numerous congresses and meetings worldwide as invited speaker and/or chairman for his competences in Pharmacology, Inflammation and Immunology, Glucocorticoids, Apoptosis, Cell Growth Regulation, GILZ, and GITR. He is member of the Editorial Board and referee of many international scientific Journals. He has been Director of Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine for eight years, Member of the Board of Directors of the University of Perugia for 7 years and President of the Italian Society of Pharmacology. Since 2014 he is a member of Senate of the University of Perugia. He has been and still is responsible of several Research Projects financed bythe Italian Government, including PRIN, FIRB and Finalized Projects, Projects financed by “Associazione Italiana per la ricerca sul Cancro” (AIRC), by American Chron’s and Coltis Association, and Projects financed by International Pharmacuetical Companies.