Prof. Patricia Boya CIB-CSIC, Spain

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Patricia Boya studied biology at the University of Texas at Austin (USA), and Universidad de Navarra, where she got a PhD degree on cell biology in 2000. Postdoc as a Marie Curie Fellow at the laboratory of Guido Kroemer in Paris, discovering the cytoprotective role of autophagy in mammalian cells.... read morePatricia returned to Spain in 2005 with a Ramón y Cajal contract at the CIB Margarita Salas from the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). She obtained a permanent position at CSIC in 2008 and have promoted to Assistant Professor in 2016. She is the first President of the Spanish Autophagy Society SEFAGIA that has gathered the autophagy community in Spain since 2013. Her lab uses cellular and animal models to understand the physiological roles of autophagy and lysosomes and its implications during disease in the nervous system.