Prof. John Fox University of Oxford, UK

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John Fox has spent most of his career working in artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Following a period in the USA, including a post-doctoral fellowship with AI Founders Allen Newell and Herbert Simon at Carnegie-Mellon University, he returned to the UK to work on clinical decision systems with the MRC.... read moreIn 1981 he joined the ICRF (now Cancer Research UK) where his lab worked on computer science, artificial intelligence and medical software engineering. The group was awarded the 20th Anniversary Gold Medal of the European Federation of Medical Informatics for its work on formal modelling of medical expertise as “executable knowledge”. This technique has been used in a wide range of clinical applications, with some 15+ successful published trials. In 2007 he moved to Oxford University and also set up a clinical applications incubator at the Royal Free Hospital in London. He has published widely in computer science and software engineering as well as AI and cognitive science including Safe and Sound: Artificial Intelligence in Hazardous Applications with Subrata Das (MIT Press 2000) a general treatment of the safe use of AI in medicine and other critical fields.