Prof. Charles Wondji Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

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Charles Wondji is a Professor of vector biology and genetics at the Liverpool School of Tropical medicine. He heads the LSTM research Unit at the Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases (CRID) in Cameroon. He uses genetic and genomic tools to characterise mosquito populations and help control vectors of diseases... read moresuch as malaria, dengue or Zika. His research mainly aims at improving vector control, including understanding the genetic basis of insecticide resistance, by detecting molecular resistance markers using genomic tools and designing suitable molecular assays. He uses such tools to track resistance in field populations and to assess its impact on control interventions in Africa (fitness cost, evolution of resistance, and experimental hut field trials). He is a sponsor of several fellows (Wellcome Trust, DELTA, PIIVEC) across Africa as part of his goal of contributing to capacity building. He is also member of the WHO prequalification team in vector control.