Dr. Nick Chown Independent scholar, Spain

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Nick Chown is an independent autism advocate, mentor, researcher, and trainer who left behind a career in corporate risk management to work in autism. He has a Doctorate in Philosophy, and various qualifications in autism, all from Sheffield Hallam University. Nick has undertaken research on autism awareness in the police... read moreservice, support for autistic college students, viva protocols for autistic doctoral students, and diagnostic pathways for autistic adults. He previously led a team which developed a framework for participatory and emancipatory autism research. He currently leads an independent team of researchers which focuses on investigating support for autistic students in UK universities, colleges, and schools. Nick’s book Understanding and Evaluating Autism Theory was published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in November 2016. He has written various journal articles and contributed entries to an encyclopaedia of autism. He is now working on a co-edited volume on the subject of neurodiversity. Nick is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.