Ms. Annette Vendelbo CEO of Xvoto and Agile Specialist, Denmark

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Annette has been an IT project manager and line manager in large global companies for 30 years. Over the years she has worked with various classic project management methods and knows the ins and outs of them.... read more

Annette has been involved with the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 1999. For 10 years she volunteered as member and President of the Board of PMI Denmark chapter.
In 2008 she founded Xvoto, an agile consultancy helping organizations with planning and executing their agile transformations with respect for their particular culture and context. She also helps her clients with scaling agile to the program level, and last but not least she is an experienced Kanban and Scrum coach and trainer.

During the past years she has helped her clients achieve robust and sustainable agile transformations with respect for their particular situation, agile readiness and maturity. Annette’s theoretical foundation and knowledge of Scrum and Kanban is widely acknowledged, but she firmly believes that theory cannot stand alone. Real value is created only when you succeed in relating theory to the practical reality of the organizations that want to transform.

When she is not busy with client work, she is blogging, giving public speeches and interviews. Always about agile systems and how to make them work in real life. Her mantra is: “Reality always wins!”.