Dr. Koorosh Korfi Barts Cancer Institute, UK

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Koorosh Korfi is a senior postdoctoral scientist at Barts Cancer Institute (BCI), Queen Mary University of London. He received his BSc in Medical Genetics at the University of Sheffield, completing his PhD studies in Leukaemia Stem Cell Biology at the laboratories of Professor Tessa Holyoake and Dr David Vetrie in... read moreGlasgow University. Koorosh continued his postdoctoral research in leukaemia biology and mechanisms of drug resistance in Professor Richard Marais’s group at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, before joining BCI as part of a UK-wide “Precision Medicine for Aggressive Lymphoma” consortium working with Professor Jude Fitzgibbon. Koorosh’s work in lymphoma focusses on using advanced genomic approaches to monitor and understand the mechanisms of relapse and tumour evolution in germinal centre B cell lymphomas. While these diseases are considered incurable, tumours are chemo-sensitive, with many patients experiencing several episodes of relapse prior to the disease becoming refractory to treatment. A historical policy of repeat biopsy has allowed the group to trace the genetic changes in these tumours over time uncovering a highly complex pattern of tumour evolution and actionable genetic abnormalities.