Dr. David Roberts Loughborough University, UK

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David Roberts studied International Relations with an emphasis on the developing world. Inspired by a tutor, David undertook and completed a PhD on peacebuilding in Cambodia, at the time of the biggest ever post-Cold War United Nations peacekeeping operation. His research centred on why the Khmer Rouge guerrillas refused to... read moreparticipate in the peacebuilding operation, and he followed his thesis up with investigations into leading Khmer Rouge officers, including Ieng Sary, on trial for crimes against humanity until his death in 2013.
David teaches undergraduate introductions to International Relations, Third World Politics, and on the violent impact of global politics on the most vulnerable people in the world. He teaches a specialist module on peacebuilding at Masters level, and supervises doctoral candidates in the same field.
David was appointed in January 2015 Honorary Research Fellow at the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies, Liverpool Hope University.