Prof. Fred van Eeuwijk Wageningen University, The Netherlands

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Fred van Eeuwijk is full professor in Applied Statistics and head of the chair group with the same name at Wageningen University (WU), The Netherlands. The WU chair group Applied Statistics is responsible for teaching statistics to BSc, MSc and PhD students in life sciences at WU. It also contributes... read moreto the MSc Statistical Science at Leiden University and it is involved in many international breeding and genetics courses for public and private organizations. For research, the dominant theme is statistical genetics, i.e. the statistical modeling of genotype by environment interactions, genotype-to-phenotype models, and methods for QTL detection for standard and non-standard situations (multiple traits, multiple environments and multiple populations). Additional topics cover genomics and systems biology, e.g. the design and analysis of metabolomics studies, and statistical methods for network reconstruction. Fred van Eeuwijk published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals and supervised 15 PhD theses. He led work packages on statistical genetic analyses in many national (NL) and international (especially EU) projects. He coordinated the EU-SPICY project on prediction methodology using high throughput genotype and phenotype data. Currently he is editor of Genetics and President of the Scientific Committee of the International Biometric Conference for 2016 in Vancouver.