Mr. John O’Dowd FRCS Orth Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust and London practice, UK


John is a consultant spinal surgeon who uniquely combines his rich clinical knowledge with excellent interpersonal and communication skills to effectively diagnose and treat people with spinal problems. He holds an established and respected position in the world of back pain and in combination with his ever-present keen interest he... read morehas become an expert in this field. John is in full time clinical practice in London as a consultant spinal surgeon and has been exclusively managing spinal conditions since 1994. He has a real interest in all conditions affecting the spine and takes a unique biopsychosocial approach to treating each person. John has always had a strong interest in non-surgical management and treatment options for back pain and he has been involved in numerous revolutionary projects. He was the founder and director of the RealHealth Institute in London which is an evidence-based organization providing multidisciplinary assessment and treatment programs for patients with chronic and complex spinal pain, including functional restoration and pain management programs. He is now the clinical director of the RealHealth Institute in Holland, which is a national referral centre for non-surgical care in complex low back pain.

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