Prof. Noah Rosenberg Stanford University, USA

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Noah A. Rosenberg is Professor in the Department of Biology at Stanford University. His research group studies problems in evolutionary biology and genetics through mathematical modeling, computer simulation, development of statistical methods, and inference from population-genetic data. Prof. Rosenberg's areas of interest include human evolutionary genetics, mathematical phylogenetics, theoretical population... read moregenetics, and the relationship of human evolution to the search for disease genes. Research from his laboratory has examined such topics as the connection between gene genealogies and species trees, the mathematical properties of statistics used in population genetics, and the inference of human evolutionary history from genetic markers. Prof. Rosenberg is the recipient of several awards for his work, including the Lancet Biomedical Research Paper of the Year award for his 2002 article "Genetic structure of human populations." He received his BA in mathematics from Rice University in 1997, his MS in mathematics from Stanford University in 1999, and his PhD in biology from Stanford University in 2001. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship in the molecular and computational biology group at the University of Southern California. Prof. Rosenberg previously served on the faculty of the University of Michigan, where he was recognized by the Dean's Basic Science Research Award from the UM Medical School.