Dr. Joost J. Oppenheim National Cancer Institute, USA

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Joost J. Oppenheim has served 32 years as a Medical Officer of the Commissioned Corp and is currently a Senior Biomedical Research Scientist in the National Cancer Institutes, National Institutes of Health, USA. Dr. Oppenheim obtained his M.D. degree from Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York in 1960,... read moretrained as a Clinical Associate at the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, and was a post doctoral fellow at the University of Birmingham, England in immunology. He headed the Section of Cellular Immunology at the NIDR and has been Chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunoregulation (LMI), National Cancer Institute at the Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center since 1983. Dr. Oppenheim has published well over 550 papers (includes books, chapters, reprints and reviews) during his impressive career. Along with Dr. Scott Durum, he instigated the founding of the International Cytokine Society in 1993 to promote communication between scientists involved in studies of cytokines. In addition, they are co-editing a "Cytokine on-line Reference" which provides a more durable information source. Dr. Oppenheim has served as the elected Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Leukocyte Biology since 1995. He also belongs to the following societies: American Association for Immunologists, American Society for Clinical Investigations, Reticuloendothelial Society, International Endotoxin Society, International Cytokine Society, and the Society of Leukocyte Biology. Dr. Oppenheim is a well known internationally as well as nationally. He has been invited to attend, present, chair, and organize scientific research conferences and workshops throughout the world. Dr. Oppenheim's considerable mentoring activities has succeeded in training many scientists from around the world as well as local area students from our near by high schools and colleges. For his discovery of cytokines he has given him the nickname "Father of Cytokines".