Prof. Sir Peter Lachmann University of Cambridge, UK

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Peter Lachmann trained in biochemistry and medicine at Cambridge and University College Hospital graduating in 1956. He was a postgraduate student with Robin Coombs in Cambridge and with Henry Kunkel at Rockefeller University and obtained his PhD in 1962 for a thesis on the pathogenesis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.... read more

He was an assistant director of research in the Department of Pathology in Cambridge (1964-1971) and foundation professor of immunology at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (1971-1975). Since 1976, he has worked in Cambridge as Director of the MRC Molecular Immunopathology Unit and professor of Immunology. He retired in 1999 but ran a laboratory till 2005 and again since 2011.

He is a fellow of Christ's College and an honorary fellow of Trinity College.

He was the founder President of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences (1998-2002), Biological secretary of the Royal Society (1993 –98) and President of the Royal College of Pathologists (1990-93).

He has been involved in research on the complement system for more than half a century and currently is trying to bring to clinical application a method of down-regulating the complement feedback loop, over-activity of which is the main predisposing factor to Age related Macular Degeneration.