Dr. Edith Heard Mammalian Developmental Epigenetics Group, Curie Institute, France

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Dr. Heard graduated from Cambridge University (B.A. in Natural Sciences - Genetics). She went on to do a PhD supervised by Dr. Mike Fried at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now Cancer Research UK) in London. She started to work on X-chromosome inactivation in 1991 as a post doc in... read morethe laboratory of Dr. Philip Avner (Pasteur Institute, Paris, France) and decided to stay in France to continue this work after obtaining a permanent CNRS position in 1993. In 2000, Dr. Heard spent a sabbatical year in Dr. David Spector's laboratory (Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA). In 2001 she came back to France and set up a research group at the Curie Institute in Paris, working on the epigenetic dynamics and mechanism of X-chromosome inactivation during mouse development. She was elected as an EMBO member in 2005.