Prof. Neil Piller Flinders University, South Australia, Australia

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Neil is a Lymphologist and the Director of the Lymphoedema Research Unit in the Department of Surgery, School of Medicine at Flinders University, South Australia. He runs a semester long specialist elective program in the MD called Lymphatics in Health and Disease and is coordinator of Advanced Studies.Neil is a... read moreDirector of the International Lymphoedema Framework, an executive member of the International Society for Lymphology, Clinical Sciences editor for the “Journal of Lymphoedema” (UK), Australasian Editor or the Journal of Lymphatic research and Biology (USA). and a member of the editorial boards of “Phlebology” (USA) and “Lymphology” (USA)

Neil is a member International Advisory Board Union Internationale Phlebologie and a member of its consensus groups on Lymphoedema and phlebo-lymphoedema, and a member of the steering committee for the Australian and American Lymphoedema Frameworks as well as a member of the International Compression Club. In 2013 he was invited guest speaker at the European Lymphology Congress in Valencia, the 24th International Society of Lymphology congress in Rome and the New Zealand Wounds Care Society meeting in Auckland. In 2014 he was guest speaker at the Taiwan Vascular Surgery Association meeting in Taipei, the International Lymphoedema Framework Meeting in Glasgow and the Norway Lymphoedema Foundation meeting in Oslo.

In May 2016, Neil will jointly organize (along with the Australasian Lymphology Association and the Australasian Chapter of the International Lymphoedema Framework) a meeting in Darwin Australia focusing on issues of lymphoedema, in hot and humid climates Neil and Maree O’Connor’s “Lymphoedema Handbook” for therapists continues to have a wide impact and Neil’s CD/DVD “The Vital Essence- Understanding Lymphoedema in health and disease” continues to help in the informing of patients and practitioners on what can be done to better manage and treat lymph and other oedemas.