Prof. Geoff Woods University of Cambridge, UK

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Geoff Woods is an academic Clinical Geneticist at Addenbrookes hospital, having trained in Oxford and worked at the Victorian Clinical Genetics service and Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne Australia, and Yorkshire Clinical Genetics service based in Leeds. Half of his time is devoted to clinical work; and his practice... read moreincludes a national Peadiatric Pain Genetics service (for congenital painlessness) run with Dr Alisdair Parker Paediatric Neurologist, and an adult genetic pain clinic (where the focus is both on painlessness, but also chronic pain syndromes) run with Dr Michael Lee, academic Anaesthetist. He runs a human Mendelian Pain research team in the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research in the remainder of his time. This team focuses on finding and understanding the function of the genes that cause forms of Congenital painlessness, and the genetic changes that underlie predisposition to human pain syndromes (including labour pain, Complex Regional Pain syndrome and Fibromyalgia).