Dr. Tammaryn Lashley University College London, UK

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Dr Tammaryn Lashley's initial research position at the National Institute of Medical Research (MRC, Mill Hill) focused on spinal cord regeneration under the supervision of Prof Geoff Raisman. She then moved to the Institute of Neurology working under the supervision of Professor Tamas Revesz, initially studying progressive supranuclear palsy and... read morethe different tau isoforms. The focus of her work shifted towards two hereditary neurodegenerative diseases familial British dementia and familial Danish dementia. She completed her PhD in 2006 investigating the pathology of these two hereditary dementia's providing detailed information about amyloid formation in the brain in these rare conditions which have similar neuropathological features to those seen in Alzheimer’s disease. She is currently focusing her research on frontotemporal dementias currently funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK.