Dr. Adrian Whitty Boston University, USA

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Adrian Whitty is an Associate Professor at Boston University. Prior to joining Boston Universdity in 2008, Adrian worked at Biogen Idec for 14 years. During his time at Biogen Idec Prof. Whitty participated in or led multiple drug discovery project teams. He also maintained an active research program in the... read moreareas of receptor signaling and protein-ligand binding. He additionally directed the Biogen Idec Postdoctoral Program, developing a sterling reputation as a post-doctoral mentor. The Whitty Group studies protein-protein and protein-ligand recognition, with an emphasis on how binding energy from these intermolecular interactions can be utilized to achieve biological function or inhibition. We apply this research in two distinct areas: (i) developing a quantitative, mechanistic understanding of the activation and signaling of growth factor receptors, and (ii) advancing our ability to discover drugs that inhibit protein-protein interactions.