Prof. Trevor Smart University College, London, UK

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Trevor Smart holds the Schild Chair in Pharmacology and is the Head of the Research Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology at UCL. He also Chairs the UCL Neuroscience Research Domain. His work is primarily focused on the molecular pharmacology and physiology of GABAA and glycine receptors which are the... read moremajor inhibitory neurotransmitter receptor in the brain pivotally involved in controlling nerve cell excitability. Both receptors feature prominently in neurological diseases with the GABA receptor being a target for several therapeutic classes of drugs. He has previously been awarded the Sandoz prize for Pharmacology from the British Pharmacological Society, the Lilly Award for Pharmaceutical Sciences and the RPSGB Conference Science Medal. Became an FRPharmS in 2000, FBPhS in 2004 and FMedSci in 2006. Delivered the 2009 Distinguished Goudey Lecture in Pharmacology in North America, and in Dec 2012 delivered the prestigious biennial Gaddum Memorial Lecture (Award) to the British Pharmacological Society