Prof. Ania Wieczorek University of Hawaii, USA

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Dr. Ania Wieczorek studied molecular biology at Drexel University, followed by a PhD. in molecular systematics from University of the Western Cape in South Africa. Dr. Wieczorek’s research and extension interests include research on genetics of plant and animal invasions, and the development and implementation of the Biotechnology Education program... read moreat the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) at University of Hawaii. Her current research investigates the genetics of accidentally introduced species, purposefully introduced species, and endemic species with emphasis on pest management and environmental conservation. The latter specifically addresses the development of an education program that provides K-12 opportunities for young students to experience laboratory life and to be exposed to a spectrum of subjects pertinent to the importance of biology and science in general in our lives. To this end, Dr. Wieczorek has developed the CTAHR Gene-ius Day program, and the Saturday Gene-iuses program, both of which expose young students to aspects of science and the application thereof in contemporary society. Dr. Wieczorek also conducts research on the extent of understanding and acceptance of biotechnology in agriculture within society. She hopes to see an increase in the ability of people to make informed and independent decisions pertaining to agricultural biotechnology as a result of her educational programs.