Dr. Namita Bhatnagar Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba, Canada

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Namita Bhatnagar is an Associate Professor and F. Ross Johnson Fellow of Marketing at the Asper School of Business of the University of Manitoba. Dr. Bhatnagar earned her M.Sc. (Honors) in Economics and Masters in Management Studies from the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, India. She joined the... read moreUniversity of Manitoba as an Assistant Professor of Marketing in 2002, and received her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2003. Her teaching interests lie in the areas of consumer behavior, services marketing, customer relationship marketing, and marketing research. Her research focuses on the manner in which people process for-profit as well as not-for-profit persuasive messages, and how decisions are made. In the for-profit domain, her research has examined the persuasiveness of branded information within media such as movies, television programs, and magazines. From the not-for-profit standpoint, she is interested in the effective design of public service messages that discourage risky behaviors (such as tobacco consumption, and drinking and driving), and promote positive ones (such as physical activity, and helping behaviors). In the area of decision-making, Dr. Bhatnagar examines the manner in which consumers choose between competing brand alternatives.