Dr. Henrik Klitgaard UCB, Belgium

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Henrik Klitgaard, PhD, is Vice-President, Fellow, Neurosciences Therapeutic Area at UCB in Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium. Following a PhD in biology and post-doctoral work in academia, Dr. Klitgaard joined the pharmaceutical industry nearly 25 years ago. He has worked at Ferrosan, Novo Nordisk and is currently an employee at UCB. During his... read morecareer within the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Klitgaard has focused his efforts on antiepileptic drug discovery and development. He has also contributed numerous publications on basic and applied aspects of epilepsy research and antiepileptic drug discovery and lectures at epilepsy meetings. Dr. Klitgaard has been involved in the discovery and development of two new antiepileptic drugs (Tiagabine/Gabitril, Novo Nordisk A/S; Levetiracetam/Keppra, UCB Pharma) and several preclinical and clinical antiepileptic drug candidates.