Prof. Jillian Kril University of Sydney, Australia

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Jillian Kril is an academic neuropathologist with 25 years experience in research, teaching and clinical service. She is an internationally recognised contributor in the areas of the neuropathology of ageing, neurodegeneration, alcohol related brain damage (ARBD) and brain biobanking. Her early career work detailed the extent and severity of pathology... read morein ARBD and highlighted the importance of thiamin deficiency to the pathogenesis of ARBD. Her current research focusses on understanding the extent and topography of brain pathology in a variety of neurodegenerative disorders, most notably frontotemporal dementia and motor neuron disease, determining the pathological correlates of the brain dysfunction in these patients and improving the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders. She has developed and refined unbiased stereological methods to accurately assess regional brain volumes and neuron number. In addition, she has participated in international consortia that have defined and refined diagnostic criteria.